Welcome to Annadale Terrace – Staten Island's premier dining and event facility. We strive to make sure that when you’re “out on the terrace,” it’s anything but ordinary.

Our restaurant's rustic Mediterranean and European cosmopolitan fused design compliments our versatile, farm-to-table inspired menu. And the unique and varied venue options within Annadale Terrace mean we can offer event hosts the perfect setting for their special occasion, whatever it may be – an intimate dinner; a vibrant night out with friends; or a refined, elegant affair.

We’ve built Annadale Terrace to cater to whatever needs your dining, event, or banquet experience may require. Now, we cannot wait to make your experience a memorable one.


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  • Local Ingredients for Worldly Tastes


    The food at Annadale Terrace is well traveled. We use farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients to create dishes that draw local flavors with influence from around the world.

    Our drinks are inspired by our staff’s travels and love of diverse styles and flavors. We celebrate a live wine from Greece or Napa Valley as much as we do a classic Burgundy.

    When you visit Annadale Terrace, ask us to serve you a special dish and glass of wine that will take you on a culinary journey across the world!